Ontario Walleye Fishing

Ontario Walleye Fishing Tips and Resorts
What is the biggest Ontario Record Walleye?

What is the biggest Ontario Record Walleye?

Explore the enchanting world of Ontario Walleye. Dive into the tale of Patrick Noon’s legendary 1943 catch in the Upper Niagara River and discover Ontario’s rich angling heritage, from trophy walleyes to diverse fishing techniques and prime locations.

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Understanding Walleye Seasonal Patterns

Understanding Walleye Seasonal Patterns

Before we get into specific walleye fishing techniques, it's important to understand their seasonal movements. By the time Ontario's walleye fishing season opens  in May, most of the provinces walleye are either spawning or have recently spawned. Walleye spawn over...

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Walleye Fishing Tips and Tricks

“Fall Time Means Plump Walleye”
As the leaves slowly begin to change colour and the nights become frosty, walleye anglers in the know begin to get their tackle ready in anticipation of guaranteed action.

Bucktail Jigging For Weed Walleye
When walleye head to the shade of the salad, or cruise along the edge of vegetation, a bucktail jig can be your greatest tool for seducing them to strike.

Catching Walleye during a Spring Mayfly Hatch
Take a close look at a walleye’s mouth and its teeth tell the story – they have evolved to feed on fish.

Catching Walleye during a Summer Mayfly Hatch
In an earlier article, I discussed how walleye can aggressively feed on mayfly nymphs as they’re recovering from the stresses of spawning and the winter.

Chasin’ Ole Marble Eyes
More people want to know how to catch walleye than any other game fish.

Dunk the Weeds for Sunshine Walleye
Where are the Walleye Hiding? – Hot, penetrating sunshine and the sensitive eyes of the walleye can make for a frustrating and energy-draining day out on the water for the exuberant angler.

Fall Ontario Walleye Fishing
Walleye fishing in the cooler weather of autumn is probably second best only to early spring, although there are anglers who would argue this point.

Fishing Walleye with Minnows
Let’s talk live minnows for ol’ Walleyes. Many of you have probably fished for these beauties using live minnows and found that they didn’t stay on the hook for long or died fairly quickly.

High Percentage Spots for Early Ice ‘Eyes
Like a puppy staring out the window yearning for its owner, so it goes with walleye anglers awaiting first ice.

Kawartha Walleye
As the last stray snowflake bids its final farewell for one more year and the returning robin makes its colourful presence felt, walleye anglers everywhere prepare for their first cast of the open-water season.

Late – Winter Walleye through the Ice
If you are feeling the mid-winter blahs of walleye fishing, and sense that the fish must hibernate during this slow period, take heart, as some of the best hard-water angling is just around the corner.

Night Trolling for Walleye
The green, red and white navigation lights from other boats slowly glided through the darkness, setting the ambiance for another night fishing adventure.

Ontario Walleye Biology Fishing Resource
The common name, walleye, was selected by a committee of experts appointed by the American Fisheries Society in 1933, as most appropriate for this fish.

Spinner Rigs Slay Walleye
Are you looking for a simple, yet effective walleye bait that is inexpensive and will have you limiting out on your favorite lake?

Staying Current on River Walleye
Finding walleye in rivers can be just as challenging, if not more, than locating them in lakes.

Tempting the Big Walleye’s of Fall
As the leaves begin to drop and the temperature starts to cool, the walleye begins a migration to typical areas in search of food to fatten-up for the upcoming winter.

The Simple Rig For Smart Walleyes
Float fishing through the ice is for anyone who has baked in the winter-thaw sun of an Ontario February or March.

Throttling Back for the Spring Attack
Energies and ambitions have been suffocated since fall; back when turkey was served with mashed potatoes and ‘eyes were stacked on points like lumber.

Top Lures for Catching Walleye
Walleye are Canada’s favourite and most popular species to fish for, and for good reason – they are plentiful, put up a decent tussle and taste delicious in the pan.

Tournament Tips – What Can We Learn from the Walleye Pros?
Some of the thousands of Canadian anglers that chase walleyes every year pursue them for more than just enjoyment, relaxation, sport or even a meal.

Walleye and Bait
Ask any fisherman that targets walleye and he will mention that “you can’t catch them if you can’t find them.”

Walleye with Leeches or Worms
How many different ways can you think of to put a walleye on your hook?

Walleyes in Precarious and Particular Places
Walleyes and whales could never coexist.

When the Walleye Just Won’t Bite
All of us have had tough days on the water – bad weather, equipment failure and fish that refuse to bite.

Where The Walleye Come From
April 18th was a sunny cold day with a biting north wind.